Paint Jobs

Today I want to describe how I got to the paint job design of my latest build completed.

The paint job of my first frame was easy to define and to decide. I’m not saying that I did not put any time or thoughts into it. But the main color (Lamborghini Rosso Competizione) was part of he project and even matched the model name: Competizione”. And at that time, a banderole was a perfectly fine design for me. So the first design was quite close to one of the most calssic paint schemes ever, the Colnago Saronni.

Major Cyles No. 1: “Competizione”

Ever since I’ve been collecting “cool bike colors”. One of those that I really loved from the first moment was the Toyota GT86′ Inferno Orange.

When I started to think about the design of my wife’s frame, I found that much more difficult than designing a paint scheme for yourself. I wanted the mein color to match her idea of bikes and cycling. I also wanted it to be kind of feminine (by the way: I totally overestimated her desire of having a feminine bicycle). So I pretty much started thinking about an inverse color scheme to my first frame, like some of the early Merckx frames. I thought, that was very classic, she found it boring.

Still with lots of white in mind, I developed the idea of longitudinal stripes on the tubes. And I asked her tons of questions about colors. I learned, she loves orange for bikes. Great. So after only some weeks I already had a solution. White with orange and blue stripes.

I prepared the frame with colored paper. I really liked the look. My wife appreciated the effort, but found it too pale, too “nice”. Not powerful.

But based on that, we could develop more ideas. With the help of “Paint” and some friends, I came up with what went to be the final paint design. I even drew “top tube views” in paint showing the lugs to give an impression to her and to me.


So what did I learn about making bikes for someone else?

  • It’s incredibly hard to imagine what someone else might like or not.
  • We tend to become victims of our expectations and clichés
  • I need to talk and discuss with the future bike owner about colors and designs
  • The result can still be 100% mine and 100% hers

As a result we are both incredibly happy with the paint.

Next week I’ll show the painted frame and final bike.

Paint Jobs